Jonathan Tanner

Jonathan has been an entrepreneur since 2003 when he started his first marketing firm. Since 2003 his company has built and inquired several business that have included: mCard Technology, Golden Services, and Assurance Financial.

Jonathan founded Pro App Developers in early 2011 and designed and produced his first app which was instantly downloaded by thousands of college students and was featured in almost every pre-dental program across the US. Jonathan currently serves as the CEO and President of Pro App Developers and has helped inspiring app developers across the U.S. build successful app companies. is the leading website for app information. Jonathan has a unique vision that brings together the best minds in this industry to educate and inspire app developers.

App development is the new frontier, much like the pioneers that simply claimed their 100 acres by putting up a fence and calling it theirs, the app market is waiting for all those with a laptop and creative initiative to take their portion of this booming industry.  Jonathan Tanner,  San Diego App Conference 2011. was founded to make possible a “Laptop Lifestyle” for each and every subscriber. By providing the best app marketing and programming techniques, app development becomes the gateway to freedom and financial security.

Imagine a life with no alarm clocks, no 8am-5pm obligation, and little to no company overhead. That is a “Laptop Lifestyle” and happens to be my current life’s style and I want to show you how it can be yours. It all started with .99 cents… Jonathan Tanner, Pro App Developer’s Mastermind Tier 1 training is dedicated to all its readers and thinks only of the benefit of the group. If it can’t benefit every app developer and marketer it has no place on this site!