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This e-books was created by Quoc Bul & Michael Moon. Two young entrepreneurs that had a dream of building a stand alone app company with no programming skills and no real time commitment. This e-book is a perfect starting point to get you ready for the real potential of this business. Quoc and Michael founded Free-The-App company and brought in over 7 figures through free apps. GET IT NOW

Skill Level: Medium Recommended By: Jonathan Tanner

No point having an iPhone or iPod touch if you are not using it to its true potential. GET IT NOW



Skill Level: None

More and more apps are coming to Facebook. Think about Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars etc. These are the big players that made millions to billions with Facebook apps alone. So if you’re not tapping in this opportunity, I think you’re missing out on this hot, new trend. Good news is, you don’t even need to develop complicated apps like these; just simple apps will do the job. GET IT NOW

Skill Level: Intermediate

Crack The Facebook Code- this is one of the best facebook trainings on the market. If you are looking to use facebook to drive downloads and brand your company this is the perfect place to start! Don’t leave the social aspects out of your company. Making it viral is the goal of every one of us! GET IT NOW

Skill Level: Intermediate-to-Advance Recommended By: Jonathan Tanner

Providing multiple mobile products for your app clients is a great way to drive even more income to your app company. This training is incredible and is highly recommended if you are looking to branch into other revenue verticals. GET IT NOW

Skill Level: Beginner-to-Advance Recommended By: Jonathan Tanner