Apple Announces the iPad Mini

Yesterday Apple announced the much anticipated iPad Mini. While this market has been primarily controlled by Google, Kindle Fire, and the Samsung Galaxy series, Apple is looking to take over the small-tablet market.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, said in the unveiling of the iPad Mini that it’s viewing size is 49% larger in portrait and 67% larger in landscape compared to those tablets offered by Amazon and Google.

At $329 for 16 GB Wi-Fi version, 7.9 inch screen size, 308 grams and the same A5 chip Apple used in the iPad 2 it definitely is a great competitor.

So what does this mean for app developers?

The biggest impact in the immediate future is going to be the upcoming holiday season. While the economy is struggling and parents receive hints of their child’s wishes of unveiling an apple product under the tree, the iPad mini just became one of the most affordable Apple products.

So make your version updates to include the iPad mini because more and more Apple users are coming to find your apps!