Jonathan Tanner, CEO & President of Pro App Developers

Jonathan has over 10 years of experience running and marketing businesses. He has trainings that are given in countries all over the world. He also currently serves as a consultant to Buzztouch, an online app development software that has been used by over 60,000+ developers. He has several apps in the app stores that are used world wide. He is a firm believer in holding nothing back from those honestly seeking help. He dedicates hours of his time every week coaching aspiring app builders achieve their goals.

Tim Wilson, MBA, President of Anglesong Creation & Cat Game Apps

Tim is an expert in start-ups and is an outstanding business owner. Currently he runs and operates two app businesses, and has award winning apps. Tim’s vast knowledge of business has sourced from being apart of multimillion dollar companies like PowerComputing that grew to $400,000,000 in just two years and was then sold to Apple. He’s also made time to backpack the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada and the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.  Tim is excited to share his start-up expertise, organizational methods, and productive tactics to bring a practical approach to app development and management.

Paul Poutanen, PEng., President and Founder

Paul has been a Calgary-based high-tech executive for the past 15 years, entering the mobile field after long stint as a Senior Management Consultant with Ernst and Young. He developed extensive mobile expertise working in management for wireless hardware and cellular location firms such as Wi-LAN and Cell-Loc. Paul became President of Blister Entertainment where he developed the first cellular location-based games for North America, including the award-winning title “Swordfish.” Inspired to find a solution to the complex global testing process for mobile devices, Paul launched Mob4Hire in 2007. Mob4Hire is an online community of mobile device users paid to help application developers, advertisers, and content publishers with research, develop and pre-testing. Paul is an Industrial and Mechanical Engineer that is dedicated to simplifying the application process by being the leader in mobile crowd-sourcing.

Ric Tanner CFP, President of Moreton Business Solutions

Ric has financially consulted business for over 25 years. He established Phoenix Financial Planning & Family Foundations, he was the Regional Director of Wealth Management for Wells Fargo Bank, National Director of Wealth Planning & Trust for First Security Bank and Regional Brokerage manager for Key Corporation. Ric has personally coached business owners through selling their business for millions of dollars and is Pro App Developers financial expert for all things business.His expertise and coaching make possible the transition between freelancing-to-owning and operating a legitimate app business.

 John Santagada, Founder of RadioactiveUppercut

John is an innovative designer and accomplished visual stylist. Over the last 8 years he has made significant creative contributions to DC Comics, MezcoToyz and Gemmy Industries. John has art directed countless action figures and resin busts for such global brands as Green Lantern, Batman and Wonder Woman. His expertise in the field of creative design gives developers the full-potential for app artwork. He has earned a reputation for bringing the most imaginative, original groundbreaking design and illustrations to mobile games, toys, animation, and children’s publishing industry

Andy Tarkinson, Expert Programmer

Andy is an experienced programmer and is Pro App Developer’s resident problem solver, if we need a solution Andy will find it. Andy has been programming Apple systems since the 80’s. His previous gaming development platform Linux has made the transition to a full-time iOS and Android app programmer an easy lifestyle transition. Andy has spent the last year navigating the ever evolving app technology space and looks forward to sharing his insight with each reader.