Outsourcing: Where to Begin

Creating a laptop lifestyle is easy when the proper outsourcing techniques are applied to their operation.

Where To Begin:

I have been a strong supporter of oDesk.com and elance.com, both have great programmers, designers, and virtual assistants that can help shape and mold your app business. There are several key points that I always use when hiring through these sites that will be useful as you build your production team:

  1. Come prepared- Before you can properly explain your project you need to know your project. It will be very frustrating for you and your production team if you have not defined your product with an APP SPECS sheet. I start by drawing each screen, button and function. There are always some minor changes but you need to show your team that you are the boss and are properly prepared.
  2. Always think long term- No app is simply built and finished…especially those for other companies. Your interview, negotiation, and ongoing relationship with your outsourcers need to be a topic of discussion.
  3. Interview process- Never hire until you have reviewed their portfolio, found similar work, and have spoken to them on the phone (I recommend Skype). If you have miscommunication problems in the beginning that is red flag…RUN AWAY! Politely put: “I thank you but you and I are not a correct fit. I appreciate your time, goodbye.”
  4. Don’t settle for less- There are 2,222 app programmers currently on oDesk. If you put out a job and don’t find someone that meets your criteria then go find them. Invite them to apply for your job. The largest app team I have assembled was found personally. The best programmers and designers are normally busy and have working thresholds. They normally don’t apply for every job and will be honored that you found them…especially if in your invite you show you have seen their portfolio and recognize they have done similar work. REMEMBER: Just because you invite them doesn’t mean you hired them, it just means you want to take this to the next level of conversation.
  5. Patients is the key to finding the right team, don’t rush it. In one of my first mastermind groups they always said: Hire slow and fire fast. I have found this to be right on.


Have Fun building relationships with people all over the world!

Your Friend,