Pro App Developers Mastermind

Introducing the FIRST and ONLY app development mastermind training group that takes any newbie step-by-step to starting a legitimate app business, obtaining all needed analytic accounts and licenses, tracking the app markets to develop the right app at the right time, advance monetization coaching to achieve financial success, and finally graduating each member as a seasoned app developer with published apps. Your coaching will include all of the following:

Tier 1: Beginning App Developer

  • Start & Organize Your Business
  • Getting The Needed Licenses
  • Company Branding
  • App Resources
  • App Marketing 1.0
  • Understanding The App Market
  • Making Money Through Free Apps
  • Monitoring Your Success: Analytics 1.0
  • Build And Launch Your First iOS App
  • Build And Launch Your First Android App


Tier 2: Intermediate App Developer

  • Build A TEAM
  • Define Your Company
  • Refine Your Clientele
  • Remaining A Programmer And Running Your Business
  • Understanding Apple
  • App Market Trends And Predictions
  • Preparing Your App For Launch
  • App Networking
  • Develop And Launch A Quality App


Tier 3: Pro App Developer

  • Top Chart Apps
  • Managing Your Team
  • Business Apps
  • Getting Clients
  • Maintaining Clients
  • App Resources 2.0
  • App Marketing Xtreme
  • Managing A Top App’s Demand
  • Autopilot
  • Selling Your Business
  • App Networking 2.0
  • Giving Back To The App Community


Making money in months is at the core of the Pro App Developers Mastermind Training and has been the proven business track record of our users that learn and implement what is taught. This training is not for everyone and if you can’t answer YES to all of the following questions this training is certainly not for you:

  1. I want a laptop lifestyle
  2. I want to take advantage of the fastest, craziest, most fun marketing platform this world has to offer
  3. I want to own apps (As you noticed we did not say build apps…although we teach that too)
  4. I want to let companies like Apple and Android market my products, collect the money, and manage the distribution of my products
  5. I want to get paid for helping others have success with their apps


Unlike most mastermind groups that have you paying HUNDREDS AND EVEN THOUSANDS to get the few tricks that make up a fraction of what really goes on behind the scenes of running an app business, you will only pay $199 to start the PRO APP DEVELOPERS MASTERMIND TRAINING. Pro App Developers has spent thousands of dollars in research to bring you this elite coaching program that will save you time and money.

YES…only $199 to start and I am telling you upfront…why only $199? Because Pro App Developers wants professional partners that together can launch apps and influence the app market place. Successful graduate that can produce quality apps are key to making this a reality. Quickly you should realize that with this network of app companies we can together take a newly developed app and push it to the TOP CHARTS.

I’m going to let you in on a profound secret…in the app store the rich are getting richer! The most successful app developers are collaborating with other successful app developers to keep their money flowing. Those few that have hit millions of downloads are piggy backing on app networks to boost their newly developed apps to the top charts.

For most newbie-app developers the chances of success is diminishing daily as thousands of apps flood the market each day…but don’t get discouraged because Pro App Developers has the solution to change all that. After receiving the proper training you will be ready to receive the benefit of being a Pro App Developer graduate. Imagine the exposure needed to hit the top charts…50-70k downloads each day, but soon you could be part of a community of Pros that have the ability to make this your reality.

As a matter of fact we are so sure that you will get your money’s worth we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Here is exactly what you will get and how you can move to each tier and become a graduate:


SOLD OUT-We are sorry but Pro App Developers is not currently accepting more members. Once we have our next graduating group in JULY we will be opening the doors again into our elite training. If you would like to be notified please contact us.