The Money Is In The Stars

In a global survey of mobile users, Mob4Hire, a mobile testing and market research firm released the results of a study which quantified the loyalty of customers to the star rating of apps. Significant evidence showed that for an app to receive continual downloads it needs to maintain at least a 4 out of 5 star rating.

There are three main components of user loyalty that typically drive app downloads:

  1. Retention Loyalty- how long will your customers that download your app remain users and/or do not use competitors apps.
  2. Advocacy Loyalty- how likely are customers that download your app willing to share your app to friends and family.
  3. Expansion Loyalty-how many other apps or products do they download from your company.


The main components of loyalty take on very different meanings with each category of app. With games for example retention loyalty will strongly depend on your app’s level of difficulty, number of upgrades or achievements, and how addicted your users are to playing. For a utility app…retention loyalty depends on the frequency of use, the amount of time your app stays downloaded and the popularity of other similar apps that could take from your customer base.

The great news is app platforms give you all the answers you need to maintain at least 4 stars through customer feedback. You will want to listen to your users by monitoring daily the feedback received. Constantly evaluate your app against the three loyalty standards. I recommend putting together a focus group while you build your app and then maintain that group to evaluate the validity of your customer’s feedback (at least 15-20 people…each person must be a part of your niche).

Developing and maintaining a quality app will be very important as you build your brand and establish your company as a reliable app resource.

Here are a few general tips to aid your loyalty standards:


  • During development think long term. Make your app relevant 6-12 months from now by answering the questions: How do you think your market will be different? What direction is technology going and is my app going to be on the cutting edge when launched? What am I building into my app that allows for updates and expansion of functionality?



  • Always include social networking links so customers can quickly LIKE or SHARE your app with their friends and family.
  • Use a nag screen to ask customers to rate your app.



  • Use more screens to showcase your other apps that would be interesting to your customers. Offering other apps that would be useful to your customers is another way to make money and keep your customers loyal to you.
  • Introducing a splash screen at startup or during use is another effective way to gather additional downloads among your app network.
  • Set links to your website/blog where you can build a relationship with your followers…don’t ever forget the famous internet marketing saying: “The Money Is In The List”


Increasing and maintaining loyalty among your followers is vital to app success and ultimately reaching the top charts.

Enjoy your laptop lifestyles,

Jonathan Tanner

P.S. There are few things better in this industry then seeing people rave about your invention.



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