Top 3 Tips For International App Marketing

By Jonathan Tanner

In 2011, Apple’s App Store and Google Play achieved 20 billion app downloads. While the US was the largest iPhone and Android market, 8 out of 10 top countries were not English-speaking. Marketing internationally is referred to as “LOCALIZING” your app or making your app better targeted and understood by locals. Here are three marketing tips that are important to make it big internationally:

First, translate your name, keywords, and description into Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Hindi. I use to find and hire translators. This is the easiest step and takes no time to integrate into your app.

Note: You don’t have to go onto step two until you see some interest in these markets.

Second, translate screens inside your app: More, Info, Nag, Videos etc. You will also want to translate Facebook pages, LinkedIn, YouTube, and any other supporting sites.

Third, hire a local team. This step is largely missed but it critical to growing local markets. Improving customer service in the foreign markets can only be done if you understand customer feedback, cultural differences, and additional market trends. Have your localized team track app feedback, local news that will effect your app, and any new trends with the major cell phone carriers.

These three steps will bring your app company to the next level of performance.

Good Luck,

Jonathan Tanner