What to consider with your app artwork?

By John Santagada

While overall concept and coding are both very important aspects of app creation, the ARTWORK will be the first thing that catches the consumer’s eye.

Great artwork will have an impulsive, gut level impact on consumers scrolling through the app store looking for the next great product

As an app artist your goal is to create impactful, relatable, original, high quality artwork.  We have had several questions posed as to what should be considered in regards to artwork for apps.

So here are a few points to consider:

Great Graphics!

This may be a very vague instruction but polished, quality artwork goes a long way!

First and foremost, you must execute concept and art at a quality level!  You are not only selling work to the consumer but you are also selling yourself, building a reputation.  By giving quality work, mediocre concept could be perceived as greater than it is due to the art!

Who is Your Target Audience?

Always take a step back and think about ‘WHOM is this app being created for?’

Knowing who your target demographic is will help you tailor your artwork specifically to them without them even knowing it!

Any misstep in this area could lead to your app being overlooked by the people who should be utilizing it most!

The artwork for a 10-year-old girl’s app will be very different than that for a 29-year-old man.  Work smart and be sensitive to the targeted consumer

Remember the Final Format!

In furnishing artwork for a mobile device always be aware of the final size at which the consumer will be viewing it.

This will affect how you build portions of artwork, how you lay in text, etc.

You don’t want someone on their iPhone having a very hard time reading text on a book or news app, or a gamer having a hard time enjoying a new game because the layout was ill-conceived and buttons are too small or laid over important gameplay.

Older mobile devices generally have smaller screens than newer models.

The current standard is around 176 x 220 pixels, with about 10 pixels of that height used for phone-centric utility items (e.g., battery, signal).  This leaves you with 176 x 210 to use for your app.  Newer generation mobile devices (e.g. tablets, iOS and android –based phones have a larger screen size to utilize, from 320 x 240 up to 1024 x 768. This entire space is available regardless of phone utility items.

Style, Style, Style!

For me, this is a very important one!

You should also be confident to sell yourself and your particular style.

Original, fresh looking artwork will ultimately be a big selling point to the consumer for the app and to the client in considering you for future work.

Be original, be yourself, be knowledgeable of artistic trends and popular styles.

It’s always good to stay current and research what types of art are out there.

Take the time to understand your competition.  Look at other apps that are trending, look at the different art styles being showcased, download apps and just test them out for yourself.

There are so many things to keep in mind when creating artwork for apps for both a technical and artistic aspect, but most important of all, always go into it with Passion and Purpose!


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